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50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module
  • 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module
  • 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module
  • 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module
  • 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module
  • 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module
  • 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module

50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module

FZX introduces the 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module, a state-of-the-art device engineered to interfere with the GPS and WiFi frequencies commonly used by drones. This module is a critical component in our anti-drone technology suite, providing a robust and reliable means to counteract unauthorized drone activities and safeguard critical infrastructure.

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Product Description

With the surge in drone activities conducted without necessary qualifications, ensuring airspace security has become a pressing concern. The 50W 2400-2500MHz Drone UAV GPS Jammer Module is a critical component in addressing these challenges by disrupting the GPS and WiFi frequencies commonly utilized by drones. This module plays a pivotal role in thwarting unauthorized drone operations and safeguarding airspace integrity. Its commendable stability and performance have earned praise from customers, while our commitment to providing technical support and comprehensive after-sales service ensures seamless and efficient integration of the drone jammer for optimal functionality.

50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module Parameter

Project Index Unit Remark
Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz Customers can customize the frequency
Operating Voltage 28 V 28-32V
Maximum output power 47±0.5 dBm 50W@≤3.5A
Gain 42±1 dB Peak-to-peak
In-band fluctuations ≤2 dB Peak-to-peak
Spurious emissions Within work zone ≤-15dBm/1MHz dBm Center frequency plus CW signal to maximum
Output power time measurement
Outside work zone 9KHz~1GHz No higher than normal noise floor clutter dBm
1G~12.75GHz dBm
Output voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.30 Without power, standard network output -10dBm
≤1.30 Power Up, Dual Directional Coupler Test
High and low temperature test Working temperature -10~+55 Low temperature can start
Gain stability ±1.5 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power stability ±1 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power supply requirements ≥4A@+28Vdc; Continuous wave output 50W
Power supply interface Power cord red positive black negative red positive black negative
RF output connector SMA SMA external screw female seat
Electric current ≤3.5 A
Size 60*150*21.5 mm
Weight 0.16 Kg

50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module Feature And Application

A 50W 2400-2500MHz RF Module possesses several distinct features and applications, as outlined below:


High Power Output: With a maximum output power of 50W (or 47±0.5 dBm), this RF module is capable of delivering a strong signal for effective interference and disruption.

Frequency Range: Operating within the 2400-2500MHz frequency range, the module is tailored for applications targeting drones and other devices that utilize this spectrum.

Gain and Stability: Featuring a gain of 42±1 dB and internal fluctuation of ≤2 dB, the module ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Operating Voltage: Operating at a voltage range of 28-32V, the module is designed for stability and compatibility with various power sources.

Compact Size: The module's dimensions of 6015021.5mm (or 128mm35mm17.5mm in another model) allow for easy integration into various systems and devices.

Environmental Durability: Operating within a temperature range of -10~+55℃, the module is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.


Drone Countermeasures: The primary application of this RF module is in drone countermeasure systems, where it is used to disrupt drone communication and navigation systems, forcing them to land, return, or lose control.

Wireless Communication Interference: Beyond drones, the module can also be used to interfere with wireless communication systems operating within the 2400-2500MHz range.

Security and Surveillance: In sensitive areas, the module can be deployed to deter unauthorized use of drones, enhancing security and privacy.

Protection of Critical Infrastructure: The module can be used to safeguard military bases, government facilities, airports, and other critical infrastructure from unauthorized drone intrusions.

In summary, the 50W 2400-2500MHz RF module offers high power output, stability, and compact design, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in drone countermeasures and wireless communication interference.

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