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100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module

100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module

FZX's 100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module is a state-of-the-art tool specially designed to disrupt the primary frequencies used by drones, including GPS and WiFi. Its advanced technology makes it a crucial part of our anti-drone systems, offering a robust defense against drone-related security concerns and ensuring the safety and security of critical airspace.

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Product Description

With the exponential growth in drone usage and the emergence of safety hazards due to unregulated drone operations, the 100W 1550-1620MHz Drone UAV GPS Jammer Module stands out as a critical component in safeguarding airspace integrity. By disrupting GPS and WiFi frequencies crucial to drone functionality, this module plays a key role in countering unauthorized drone activities. Its reliable performance and stability have earned praise from users, with technical support and comprehensive after-sales service ensuring a smooth integration process and optimized functionality of the drone jammer for enhanced airspace protection.

100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module Parameter

Project Index Unit Remark
Frequency Range 1550-1620 MHz Customers can customize the frequency
Operating Voltage 28 V 28-32V
Maximum output power 50±0.5 dBm 100W@≤7A
Gain 45±1 dB Peak-to-peak
In-band fluctuations ≤2 dB Peak-to-peak
Spurious emissions Within work zone ≤-15dBm/1MHz dBm Center frequency plus CW signal to maximum
Output power time measurement
Outside work zone 9KHz~1GHz No higher than normal noise floor clutter dBm
1G~12.75GHz dBm
Output voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.30 Without power, standard network output -10dBm
≤1.30 Power Up, Dual Directional Coupler Test
High and low temperature test Working temperature -10~+55 Low temperature can start
Gain stability ±1.5 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power stability ±1 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power supply requirements ≥8A@+28Vdc; Continuous wave output 100W
Power supply interface Power cord red positive black negative red positive black negative
RF output connector SMA SMA external screw female seat
Electric current ≤7 A
Size 90*170*27 mm
Weight 0.8 Kg

100W 1550-1620MHz RF Module Feature And Application

I. Features

Frequency Range:

This RF module operates within the frequency range of 1550-1620MHz, covering commonly used bands for drone communication and navigation.

Output Power:

The module boasts a high output power of 100W, enabling strong signal transmission and interference capabilities.

RF Output Port:

Featuring an SMA Female port, a common connection type in RF modules, ensuring stable signal transmission.

Operating Voltage:

Supports a wide operating voltage range of 12V-30V, indicating the module's ability to operate stably under different voltage environments.

Dimensions and Weight:

Although specific dimensions are not mentioned in the reference, considering its power and frequency characteristics, the module is likely to be designed with appropriate size and weight.

Certifications and Standards:

Likely to comply with environmental certifications such as RoHS, indicating the module's focus on environmental protection and sustainability during design and production.

II. Applications

Drone Countermeasures Systems:

The 100W 1550-1620MHz RF module can emit radiofrequency signals that match drone communication bands, interfering with their communication and navigation systems, potentially causing loss of control or disruption of normal flight.

Wireless Communication Interference:

Beyond drone countermeasures, this module can be utilized in other wireless communication interference scenarios, such as electronic warfare and secure communications.

Testing and Verification:

During the testing and verification of wireless communication devices or systems, this module can be used to simulate interference signals, evaluating the device's anti-interference performance.

Research and Education:

For researchers and educators in wireless communication and radiofrequency technology, this module serves as a valuable experimental tool for research and teaching experiments.

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