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100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module
  • 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module

100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module

The 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module from FZX is a specialized, cutting-edge tool designed to target the GPS and WiFi frequencies relied upon by drones, and neutralize their activities. This module is an essential component of our anti-drone systems, offering a reliable and effective means to prevent potential security breaches due to unauthorized drone activity.

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Product Description

This RF module is a wireless radio frequency module that operates in the frequency range of 1170-1280MHz and has an output power of up to 100W. It may be used in various occasions that require high-power wireless signal transmission or interference, especially in drone countermeasure systems.

Main technical parameters:

Frequency range: 1170-1280MHz, this frequency range covers the frequency bands commonly used for drone communication and navigation.

Output power: 100W, high power output enables the module to cover a wider area and provide stronger signal interference capabilities.

Other parameters:

Gain: Due to the lack of specific values, but considering the high output power of 100W, the gain is expected to be correspondingly higher to ensure effective signal transmission and interference effect.

Operating voltage and current: Although the specific values are not given, high-power modules usually require higher operating voltage and current to support their operation.

Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ 55℃, indicating that the module can work normally in a wide temperature range.

100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module Parameter

Project Index Unit Remark
Frequency Range 1170-1280 MHz Customers can customize the frequency
Operating Voltage 28 V 28-32V
Maximum output power 50±0.5 dBm 100W@≤7A
Gain 45±1 dB Peak-to-peak
In-band fluctuations ≤2 dB Peak-to-peak
Spurious emissions Within work zone ≤-15dBm/1MHz dBm Center frequency plus CW signal to maximum
Output power time measurement
Outside work zone 9KHz~1GHz No higher than normal noise floor clutter dBm
1G~12.75GHz dBm
Output voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.30 Without power, standard network output -10dBm
≤1.30 Power Up, Dual Directional Coupler Test
High and low temperature test Working temperature -10~+55 Low temperature can start
Gain stability ±1.5 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power stability ±1 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power supply requirements ≥8A@+28Vdc; Continuous wave output 100W
Power supply interface Power cord red positive black negative red positive black negative
RF output connector SMA SMA external screw female seat
Electric current ≤7 A
Size 90*170*27 mm
Weight 0.8 Kg

100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module Feature And Application

The 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module from FZX is packed with advanced features and is specifically designed to counter drone activities. Its features include:

Frequency Range: This RF module operates within a specific frequency range of 1170-1280MHz, which is sufficient to disrupt communication and navigation systems of most drones.

Powerful Output: With a power output of 100W, the RF module offers significant interference to prevent unauthorized drone activities.

Reliability: Proven stability and reliability have made this RF module an integral part of anti-drone systems worldwide.

Solid Construction: The module's high-quality construction ensures durability and consistent performance in diverse environments.

Ease of Use: The RF module is user-friendly, and it is easy to set up and operate.

The 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module finds wide application in various industries and settings. Some of the notable applications include:

Military & Government Facilities: The module helps protect military bases, government facilities, and other sensitive sites against unauthorized drone activities.

Event Venues: This RF module plays a critical role in safeguarding large events such as concerts, sports, and public gatherings from potential drone-related threats.

Agriculture & Land Management: The module finds application in protecting crops and land areas against drone damage.

Critical Infrastructure Protection: The module provides an additional layer of security in critical infrastructure such as oil rigs, power plants, and communication centers.

Public Safety & Security: The RF module ensures public safety by preventing drone interference with rescue missions during emergencies.

In summary, the 100W 1170-1280MHz RF Module is a powerful and reliable tool that serves numerous essential applications, providing advanced security against drone-related threats.

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