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20W 840-930MHz RF Module
  • 20W 840-930MHz RF Module20W 840-930MHz RF Module
  • 20W 840-930MHz RF Module20W 840-930MHz RF Module
  • 20W 840-930MHz RF Module20W 840-930MHz RF Module
  • 20W 840-930MHz RF Module20W 840-930MHz RF Module
  • 20W 840-930MHz RF Module20W 840-930MHz RF Module
  • 20W 840-930MHz RF Module20W 840-930MHz RF Module

20W 840-930MHz RF Module

FZX's Drone 20W 840-930MHz RF Module is the cornerstone of anti-location and drone defense systems, specifically engineered to counteract the common frequencies utilized by drones, such as GPS and WiFi. This module is a pivotal component in our anti-drone arsenal, designed to disrupt and neutralize drone operations effectively.

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Product Description

Addressing the rising challenges associated with the widespread abuse of drones and the lack of requisite piloting qualifications, the deployment of a drone jammer has become an imperative measure to ensure the safety and regulation of airspace. At the forefront of these anti-drone efforts stands the Drone UAV GPS Jammer Module, a core element in UAV jamming systems that offers steadfast performance and reliability, lauded by customers for its effectiveness in mitigating drone-related risks. Additionally, our dedicated technical support and after-sales services provide a seamless experience in integrating and optimizing the functionality of the drone jammer to enhance airspace security.

20W 840-930MHz RF Module Parameter

Project Index Unit Remark
Frequency Range 840-930 MHz Customers can customize the frequency
Operating Voltage 28 V 28-32V
Maximum output power 43±0.5 dBm 20W@≤1.8A
Gain 38±1 dB Peak-to-peak
In-band fluctuations ≤2 dB Peak-to-peak
Spurious emissions Within work zone ≤-15dBm/1MHz dBm Center frequency plus CW signal to maximum
Output power time measurement
Outside work zone 9KHz~1GHz No higher than normal noise floor clutter dBm
1G~12.75GHz dBm
Output voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.30 Without power, standard network output -10dBm
≤1.30 Power Up, Dual Directional Coupler Test
High and low temperature test Working temperature -10~+55 Low temperature can start
Gain stability ±1.5 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power stability ±1 @-40℃~+55℃ dB
Power supply requirements ≥2A@+28Vdc; Continuous wave output 20W
Power supply interface Power cord red positive black negative red positive black negative
RF output connector SMA SMA external screw female seat
Electric current ≤1.8 A
Size 25.6*111.7*17 mm
Weight 0.1 Kg

20W 840-930MHz RF Module Feature And Application

The drone countermeasure RF module (Radio Frequency module) functions to disrupt drones' communication and navigation systems through the utilization of targeted radio frequencies, thereby hindering their routine operations. Integrated into drone countermeasure systems, these modules play a pivotal role in achieving the following objectives:

Communication Disruption: By transmitting signals on drone control frequencies, the RF module interrupts the communication link between a drone and its operator, potentially leading to loss of control and the activation of safety protocols.

Navigation Interruption: By emitting interference signals that affect GPS reception, the RF module interrupts the drone's navigation system, resulting in positioning inaccuracies and limitations to its flight.

Forced Landing or Return: Through the disruption of communication and navigation, the RF module can force the drone to execute safety procedures, such as immediate landing or returning to the launch point.

Prevention of Unauthorized Activities: Serving as a deterrent in sensitive areas or events, the RF module prevents unauthorized drone activities, thus enhancing privacy and security.

Protection of Vital Infrastructure: Deployment of RF modules around military bases, government facilities, airports, and critical infrastructure defends against unauthorized drone intrusions, minimizing security risks.

Maintaining Airspace Safety: During public events or emergencies, the RF module ensures airspace safety by preventing drone interference with aviation operations or rescue missions.

In essence, the drone countermeasure RF module utilizes specific radio frequencies to disrupt drone operations, enforcing safety measures, and safeguarding designated areas from potential drone-related threats.

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