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6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer
  • 6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer
  • 6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer

6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer

Introducing the FZX 6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer, designed for Wholesale and Customized solutions. With this cutting-edge device, you can effectively counter drone threats and protect your airspace. Take control of your security with the FZX 6 Bands Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer, a reliable choice for customized protection against unwanted drone interference.

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Product Description

Enhance your security measures with the powerful 6 Bands Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer. This portable device is designed to disrupt drone communication signals effectively, providing you with control over your airspace. With six bands of frequency options, you can customize your protection strategy to suit your needs. Safeguard your privacy and security with the 6 Bands Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer, a reliable solution for countering unauthorized drone activities.

FZX 6 Bands Handheld Anti Drone Jammer Parameter (Features and Specification)

1. Uses seamless interference technique for broadband at ultra-high frequencies.
2. The technology of single-channel switches regulates the power output.
3. Extended interference range and high effective power (channel power).
4. Good segmentation that only tampers with the frequency used for video transmission and drone control, leaving other frequencies unaffected.
5. Uses a built-in battery that has a continuous battery life of more than 30 minutes and is replaceable. It is a plug-in design.
6. Better heat dissipation with two external high-power fans.
7. Imported devices, high integration, reliable operation, slow start circuit design, able to prevent the sparking issue caused by mechanical switches

Output Frequency Average output power Channel output power
433M 433MHz 40dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
900M 860-930MHz 40dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
1.2G 1160-1220MHz 40dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
1.4G 1400-1450MHz 40dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
1.5G 1150-1620MHz 44±1dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
2.4G 2400-2500MHz 44±1dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
5.2G 5150-5350MHz 44±1dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
5.8G 5725-5850MHz 44±1dBm 20dBm/30KHz(min)
Battery:7500mA Adapter:29.4V 2A
Main Host weight: 6Kg Package weight: 11Kg
Dimensions (W x H x L): 72 x 30 x 15 (host 7.5 + fan 7.5) cm
Interference distance: 800-1500M (the specific distance depends on the model of the drone and the distance between the drone and the pilot)

FZX Handheld Anti Drone Jammer Feature And Application

The robust FZX Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer is a portable device designed to fight unwanted drone jammers. With its six independent channels, it effectively jams a large number of drone frequencies, offering comprehensive coverage against a range of drone models. Law enforcement, military, and security personnel will find this jammer ideal as it provides a portable solution to prevent drone invasions on private property, public gatherings, and sensitive places. Its user-friendly design and high power output make it a viable choice for rapid deployment in a range of security scenarios.


FZX Handheld Anti Drone Jammer Details

Presenting the FZX Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer, a potent tool for stopping illegal drone operations. This small device is ideal for law enforcement, security, and privacy protection because it has six different jamming channels. View the product's detailed photos below.

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