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What is signal interference technology?


Signal interference technology is one of the core technologies of portable unmanned aerial vehicle interference equipment. This technology identifies the communication frequency band of drones and emits interference signals with the same or similar frequencies, thereby disrupting the communication link between drones and remote controllers or ground stations. In practical applications, various interference methods can be used, such as blocking interference, deception interference, etc., to achieve effective control of drones.

Functional features:

1) System heat dissipation function: equipped with a unique heat sink for effective internal heat dissipation, extending service life;

2) Low battery reminder function: Equipped with precise battery display, it will prompt when the battery is too low;

3) Mobile homework: In the mobile state, the equipment can operate normally;

4) Alarm mode: supports sound alarm mode;

5) Detachable battery: The battery can be disassembled and replaced to increase the battery life of the equipment.

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